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Remembering National Mourning Day: Expressions Through Art, Recitation, and Essays

Assalamu Alaikum,

This is hereby to inform to all the students and respected guardians that Educare is going to arrange Drawing, Recitation and Essay writing competition from Play Group to Class Eleven on the occasion of National Mourning Day on 15 August 2023 according to the format given below. All the students are asked to participate in the competition.

Class Division TimeSubjectsSubjects-based Drawing
Play to NurseryKa9:00 am -10:20 amDrawingOpen
Ka10:40am- 12:00 noonRecitationBangabandhu
KG to Class TwoKha9:00 am -10:20 amDrawingBangabandhu & Bangladesh
Kha10:40am- 12:00 noonRecitationBangabandhu
Class Three to FiveGa9:00 am -10:20 amDrawingBangabandhu & Bangladesh
Ga10:40am- 12:00 noonRecitationBangabandhu
Class Six to TenGha9:00 am -10:20 amDrawingBangabandhu & Bangladesh
Gha10:40am- 12:00 noonRecitationBangabandhu
Gha12:10 noon- 12:50 noonEssay writingAutobiography of Bangabandhu (500 Wards)
Class ElevenUnma9:00 am -10:20 amDrawingBangabandhu & Bangladesh
Unma10:40am- 12:00 noonRecitationBangabandhu
Unma12:10 noon- 01:00 noonEssay writingAutobiography of Bangabandhu (700 Wards)

Last date of registration: 14 August 2023 before 3:00 pm

Group based: 1st, 2nd & 3rd position will be entertained.

Requested to contact: Nasrin Akter Lima, Ph: 01764 962524

Principal (Academic)

Educare Ideal School & College

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