Educare Ideal School & College

About Educare


Interpretation of Educare Logo

  1. ESTD-2008 i.e. Educare was established in the year of 2008.
  2. Pen symbolizes power of knowledge.
  3. Book represents the source of knowledge and wisdom.
  4. Graduate Cap with tassel signifies the success of academic endeavour.
  5. Rising Sun is the sign of removing the darkness from mind.
  6. Four Stars mean the achievement in highest level.
  7. Golden Rim encircling the logo shows strong bonding among the members of Educare Family.
  8. Educare placed the National Emblem (Water-lily) at the top of her logo as recognition of our national pride.

Theme of the Motto: Pride in Excellence

  1. Pursuit of Excellence in Education.
  2. Excellence through Technology and Innovation.
  3. Strive for ultimate Excellence.

Educare is operated by Western Scholars’ Foundation was established in 2008 by Honorable Chairman M.H Rasel. This institution aims at providing quality education to the society. Students admitted in this school are mostly from educated family backgrounds. Some of our students obtained outstanding results from an ordinary level. Educare has been awarded Govt. scholarship in PECE, JSC & SSC for achieving grand success with a hundred percent pass since 2008. Educare receives recognition of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh and Jashore Education Board as the first private educational institution in greater Kushtia.

We are now confident that this strong rate of progress has enabled us to asses, reflect upon and design our future course, thus avoiding the risks of unplanned and hasty growth. It has also resulted in a comprehensive, systematic and structured evolution of such school facilities as academic building, science lab, library and computer lab etc. Educare Ideal School and College is the only digitalized and air-conditioned educational institution in the south-western part of Bangladesh. And it was also certified by the ISO 9001:2015 for its excellent quality management.

Eduare is such an institution that is full of modern amenities and as standard as an international educational institution. We have another arrangement for the most brilliant students who have achieved outstanding results in their examination; they are awarded scholarship for foreign tours every year.

Educare is committed to providing intellectual, social, cultural and economic benefits to communities through programs of education, co-curriculum & extra-curriculum activities, research and scholarships. Our school & college are delivering highest standard in national education system including world class education and research. Moreover, Educare desires to make an innovative and creative system for smart and enlightened generation.


Educare regards each of its students a special being with the potential of growing, maturing and standing on their own. We are here to guide the students along the course of life towards their cherished destination. Our students are fortunate enough to get entry here. We believe in the motto ‘Each one for everyone’. We expect to introduce the basic goodness of a human being in our students so that they may grow up to help not only Bangladesh but also the other countries of the world. And even if they fail to do that, they should not pose a threat to the society around them.

To achieve the mentioned goals Educare believes each of its students should:

  • Elaborate Bangladeshi Nationalism and Patriotism.
  • Elaborate love and respect for Bangladesh, Culture, Heritage and Bengala Language
  • Elaborate skill and grasp a strong command over English Language.
  • Show respect and cooperate with the teachers, fellow students and members of the staff.
  • Broaden their outlook.
  • Elaborate self-confidence, self-reliance and self- esteem.
  • Elaborate creativity and intellectualism.
  • Cope with social challenge.
  • Build up strong moral and civic behavior by showing honesty, integrity, humanity, clearance, sincerity and dedication.