Educare Ideal School & College


A school bus is considered as one of the safest ways to travel for the students. According to a survey, students who take the school bus have 70 times higher chances to reach school safely than those traveling on their own.

-Our school buses are furnished with many security features, as a result of the collaboration between school administration and the government. Apart from these, school authorities strictly enforce traffic laws and train their drivers well.

-Our school bus is highly visible. It is painted bright yellow in shading and has blazing lights. For this reason, both the pedestrian and other drivers spot the bus among different vehicles moving on the road.

-Our school bus seats are exclusively designed and are well-moored in their places. The seats have additional cushioning to avoid the injuries. They likewise have a high back and are planned not to displace from their positions in case of any jolting movements brought about by a collision or an accident.

-Each has a compartmentalized structure wherein the jerks produced due to a crash or impact spread in an altogether different manner from that in other vehicles.

-There is a fire extinguisher installed inside the bus to stifle the fire if it ever occurs.

-The doors are safely locked while the school buses are moving.