Educare Ideal School & College

Computer Lab

Computers are used in almost every walk of life. Actually, we live in a time where everything is largely dependent on the use of computers. Computer education in an educational institution helps children to get access to the vast world of information. Students can find any information that they desire with the help of a computer. EISC has a modern computer lab of its own. Educare Computer Lab is very special because it incorporates a great many of essential and useful features in itself.

Educare Computer Lab houses sufficient computers and the computers in the lab have the recent versions of the software.

-It has a hard writing surface on each computer table so that the students have no problem taking notes.

-It has high-speed internet.

-It also has a wide screen Smart TV so as to students follow the instructions given by the instructors.

-Additionally, it has a convenient air circulation system which is quite important in a computer lab for mainly two reasons: to protect the components from overheating and for the comfort of the students.