Educare Ideal School & College

Chairman's Message

Kushtia, originating from the birthplace of Bangladesh, is a land of historical significance and natural beauty. This region, adorned by the Padma River and rich cultural heritage, possesses a distinct identity. Kushtia, in the greater Khulna division, has flourished in education, arts and literature, culture, and spirituality. Inspired by the teachings of visionary figures like Fakir Lalon Shah, poet Rabindranath Tagore, and Mir Mosharraf Hossain, educational institutions like EduCare Ideal School and College in Kushtia tirelessly work towards expanding education with unwavering commitment.

In the current global scenario, where human civilization has been struck by the COVID-19 pandemic, numerous educators, entrepreneurs, researchers, and academicians have lost their lives. The education system has suffered the most due to this devastating catastrophe. To alleviate the distress and challenges posed by this educational crisis, EduCare Ideal School and College in Kushtia has established a smart campus equipped with state-of-the-art technology. With a highly trained faculty, efficient management, and the effective utilization of advanced technology, the institution ensures the smooth functioning of educational activities that meet global standards. We hope that this effort will provide a fortunate gateway to students in Bangladesh, particularly in the southwestern region, and open doors of opportunity for them.

Obtaining the prestigious international ISO 9001:2015 certification, EduCare Smart Campus offers students a wide range of technological-dependent educational facilities, including coding and robotics programs. We firmly believe that our students will excel not only in their curriculum but also in technology, making them well-rounded individuals. With a focus on physical and mental development, social and ethical values, sports, and human dignity, our new smart campus at EduCare aims to enrich the educational journey of children and adolescents. Designed with modern architecture and harmonizing nature and modernity, this institution will surely find a special place in the hearts of all students and parents. We hope that EduCare Smart Campus will play a significant role in fulfilling the dreams of students and parents in Kushtia district and the Khulna region.

With the grace of Almighty Allah, we pray for the success and beauty of this educational endeavor. We seek everyone’s assistance and cooperation in making this path auspicious and wonderful.

Best wishes,
M.H. Rasel
Western Scholars Foundation, Kushtia.

Mozammel Haque Rasel