Educare Ideal School & College

Directors' Panel

Educare Ideal School and College is fortunate to have a team of passionate individuals who contribute significantly to its administration and academic management.

Md Mozammel Haque Rasel holds the esteemed position of Chairman who is the driving force behind all the institutional development and success. His unwavering commitment to provide quality education leads with a clear vision that provides strategic guidance to ensure the school & college operates at the highest standards. The Chairman will preside over board meetings, providing leadership and direction to the board of directors, ensuring that the school & college operate in accordance with its mission and values. He will oversee the institution’s financial health and budgeting process, representing the school & college to external stakeholders, and collaborating with the institution’s administration to set strategic goals and priorities. Additionally, the Chairman may be involved in fundraising, community outreach, and advocacy efforts to support the institution’s mission and objectives.

Md Shohel Rana Manik as a Director of Educare Ideal School and College brings valuable expertise and experience in order to corroborate the overall educational management for further development and future expansion. His roles involve formulating and implementing educational policies in connection with the Chairman to foster growth and maintain the institutional standards and values. He will nurture a positive learning environment for students and staff, and representing the school in various capacities within the community. The Director may also be involved in recruiting and evaluating staff, communicating with parents and stakeholders, and participating in professional development activities to stay abreast of educational trends and best practices.

Honourary Directors

Md Shamsul Haque and Mohammad Ali will hold the position as Honourary  Director and will perform the duties typically include providing guidance and support to the institution, participating in some decision-making processes, leveraging their expertise and networks to enhance the institution’s reputation and resources. They will campaign and carry the advocacy efforts in favour of Educare Ideal School & College within the community. They may also be involved in fundraising efforts, advising on educational improvements and helping to establish partnerships with other organizations or institutions.