Educare Ideal School & College


EISC has a big and technology based auditorium. This modern auditorium has a sound-proof system in it such that any voice or sound in it does not echo awfully. It is situated in the main building in the centre of the school. It has three doors and a number of glass windows. It is totally air-conditioned.

There is a vast dais at the end of the hall. The dais is quite high and there are stairs to climb. There is also a lecture stand there for the speakers. Several mikes are there which are put to use. Chairs and sofas are installed in the entire hall for students, teachers and guests.

At the time of school functions such as annual prize distribution, fancy dress show, speech-making, debates, seminars, workshops, declamation contests, quiz contests, etc. some prominent citizens are also invited.

EISC Auditorium is a very special place for the students. It is very attractive to all.