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Answer Script Checking and Co-Curricular Activities Schedule

Assalamu Alaikum,

This is to inform all the students from Play group to Class Nine and respected guardians that the answer script of the 2nd Monthly Test will be shown for checking on June 01, 2024 at 9 AM in the 1st half of school hours in the respective classroom. The co-curricular activities will be going on in the second half. The students are asked to participate in the co-curricular activities on time in uniform.

ClassTimeRoom No
9.00 am10.00 am11.00 am12.00 am1.00 pm
Play (E.V)Roll: 1-10Roll: 11-20Roll: 21-33201
Play (Jui)Roll: 1-11Roll: 12-22Roll: 23-33  208
Nursery (E.V)Roll: 1-10Roll: 11-21202
Nursery (Bangla Version)Roll: 1-17Roll: 18-35Roll: 36-52Roll: 53-69Roll: 70-91205
KG (English Version)Roll: 1-13Roll: 14-27  203
KG (Bangla Version)Roll: 1-15Roll: 16-30Roll: 31-46Roll: 47-63Roll: 64-80206
One (English Version)Roll: 1-10Roll: 11-20301
One (Bangla Version)Roll: 1-19Roll: 20-38Roll: 39-57Roll: 58-76Roll: 77-100302
Two (English Version)Roll: 1-10Roll: 11-20303
Two (Bangla Version)Roll: 1-20Roll: 21-40Roll: 41-60Roll: 61-80Roll: 81-106304
Three (English Version)Roll: 1-8305
Three (Bangla Version)Roll: 1-22Roll: 23-45Roll: 46-68Roll: 69-91Roll: 92-120306
FourRoll: 1-25Roll: 26-51Roll: 52-77Roll: 78-102Roll: 103-132307
FiveRoll: 1-28Roll: 29-56Roll: 57-84Roll: 85-112Roll: 113-150308
SixRoll: 1-37Roll: 38-75Roll: 76-112Roll: 113-149Roll: 150-195309
SevenRoll: 1-37Roll: 38-75Roll: 76-112Roll: 113-149Roll: 150-190310
EightRoll: 1-36Roll: 37-73Roll: 74-109Roll: 110-145Roll: 146-192401
NineRoll: 1-47Roll: 48-95Roll: 96-142Roll: 143-189Roll: 190-260402

Principal (Academic)
Educare Ideal School & College, Kushtia.

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