Educare Ideal School & College

Announcement Regarding Foreign Tour Selection Examination

Dear Parents and Esteemed Guardians of the students from Class V to Class X and Class XII,

Assalamu Alaikum,

By now, you are aware that Educare Ideal School and College consistently provides encouragement to students for academic excellence and strives to prepare them for global education. Every year, the school offers the opportunity of a Foreign Tour to the best-performing students. In line with this tradition, the annual examinations for the year 2023 will be conducted in Bengali, English, Mathematics, and Science, each carrying 50 marks. The results of the mid-term and final examinations, along with evaluations of attendance and conduct, will contribute to a total of 100 marks for the selection of the best students from Class V to Class X and Class XII.

Therefore, one boy and one girl from each class, from Class V to Class X and Class XII, will be selected for the Foreign Tour based on their performance in the Foreign Tour Selection Examination 2023. We specially encourage all students, except those in Class XI, to actively participate in this examination.

To participate in the aforementioned examination, students must submit their names to the class teacher between November 19, 2023, and November 23, 2023.

Thank you.

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